Vacuum Emulsifying System

vacuum emulsifying mixer, also called vacuum emulsifying system, is a tilt-able vacuum mixer system for the production of viscous emulsions, dispersion's and suspensions in the cosmetic,pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. It's the most popular vacuum emulsifier homogenizer design in Asia and US and is suitable for making cream and emulsions.
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Introduction Of vacuum emulsifying system

Vacuum homogeneous emulsifying machine is a set of mixing, dispersion, emulsification and homogenization, powder absorbing functions in one integrated system, a control systme, but also with the peripheral oil,water tanks, the use of vacuum, heating/cooling system, It is a special equipment for producing medical ointment, cream, soap, lotion and other cosmetic and medical products.


The Characteristics Of Vacuum Emulsifying System

1. Adopting SIEMENS motors, all components are famous international brands;

2. The main homogenizing tank uses a scraping blender, under the centrifuge effect, the PTFE scraper is adjacent to the wall to scrape material from the wall. A stepless speed adjustment is used. The speed of the blending can be infinitely adjusted from 0 to 63rpm. 

3. The materials will be well homogenized regardless of the quantity of materials put into the tank. The total quality fo the materials must cover up the homogenizer. The homogenizer can be installed through the bottome of the machine.

4. Main pot is in vacuum state during the working to avoid bubbles

5. Using vacuum material sucking device with high frequency, simple and convenient operation.

6. Generally the parts have contact with material adopt SUS316L, other parts SUS 304.

7. The tank body and the pipes adopt mirror polishing, which fully conforms to GMP standards.

The Technical Parameter Of Vacuum Emulsifying Agitator