Body Lotion Making Machine

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The body lotion making machine is mainly for the emulsification equipment developed by the water and oil phases in the production process of cosmetics companies. The rotor and spindle of the homogenization head rotate at a high speed of 3600 revolutions per minute, so that the materials are fully broken and mixed evenly. Blend the water phase and oil phase materials. The body lotion making machine is to shear, disperse and strike the materials through the high-speed rotation of the homogenizing head connected to the engine. In this way, the material will become more delicate, and the oil and water will melt together.


Technical parameter

TypeHomogenizerAgitatorVacuum pumpHeating power
KWr/minKWr/minKWLimit vacuumElectrical heatingSteam heating
JT- 5L0.370-36000.180-630.18-0.0952
JT- 20L0.750-36000.550-630.25-0.0995
JT-  50L30-36000.750-630.81-0.09189
JT- 100L40-36001.50-631.5-0.093012
JT- 200L5.50-36002.20-632.2-0.094516
Tank volume can be customized

Performance and features

  1. The body lotion making machine produced by our company include many varieties. The homogenizing system include upper homogenization, lower homogenization, internal and external circulating homogenization. 

  2. The mixing systems of body lotion making machine include single way mixing, double way mixing and helical ribbon mixing.

  3. The lifting systems of body lotion making machine include single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting.

  4. It is mainly composed of water pot, oil pot, emulsifying pot, operation platform, lifting system, vacuum system, electric control system (PLC optional) etc.

  5. The homogenzing structure made through German technology adopts the imported double-end mechnical seal effect. The maximum emulsifying rotation speed can reach 3600rpm and the highest shearing fineness can reach 0.2-5 μm.

  6. The vaccum defoaming can make the material meet the requirements of aseptic. It adopts the vacuum to suck the material. Especially for the powder material can avoid the dust.

  7. The heating modes include steam heating or electric heating. According to your  requirements, choose the suitable heating mode.

  8. According to technological requirements, the tank body can heat or cool the materials.

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