Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier

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The main problem to produce cream, ointment, emulsion series is scattered particle larger diameter and have air into the material when mix the heavy body emulsification In the process, the larger diameter of particle cause the material liberalization and lack luster, if the air into the material cause the material have air bubble, bacterium pollution, apt oxidize and made the material not smoothly.Regarding to the two problems, our factory had developed vacuum homogenizing emulsifier series that the main systems are homogenizer & middle (fixed) stirrer & scrapers residues stirrer, so make up into the best mixing way and in order to reach and mix the mater perfectly. Adopting the vacuum pump to draw out air form material, ensure produce the materials is rich gloss, fine and smooth and prolongs quality product with good malleability.

Technical parameter

ModelCapacityHomogenizer motorAgitatorOutside dimensiontotal powerlimit vacuum
KWr/minKWr/minLengthWidthHeightSteam heatingElectric heating

The Characteristics Of Vacuum Homogenizing Emulsifier

1. Bottom material discharging of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is easy to operate. The finished materials can be directly moved into the filling and packing system. The materials can also be dumped out, which is easy to clean.

2. The cover of the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier main tank can be lifted and lowered semi-automatically, Which can throughly clean the tank body,and the tilting discharge way can guarantee the material to be fully discharged to the greatest extent.

3. Electric cabinet can get all controls for power, temperature display, controlling voltage, current, and frequency together. Therefore, the homogenization machine setting has a reasonable combination. The operation is easy to learn.

4. Three-layer stainless steel structure of the pot body, mirror polished, fully in line with GMP requirements.

5. The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier is suitable for the production of various kinds of shampoo, lition, liquod soap and detergent etc. liquid washing products in cosmetic factory and pharmaceutical factory.

6. Using vacuum material sucking device with high frequency, simple and convenient operation.

whole set vacuum emulsifier mixer machine

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