Vacuum Homogenizing Mixer for toothpaste

Product Details

The Main tank cover of vacuum homogenizing mixer for toothpaste can raise and fall freely, it is easy to be cleaned thoroughly. It can pour material obliquely and ensure pouring material furthest and reduce waste. The Main tank cover of vacuum homogenizing mixer for toothpaste is the first choice of medium and small sized enterprises and suitable to the  products with big production cubage. This type of product is designed for manufacturing toothpaste.


Technical parameter

Emulsifying potDesign Volume(L)120240
Scraper Stirring Power(kw)2.23
Scraper Stirring Speed(rpm)0-630-63
Homogenizer power(kw)34
Electrical heating power(kw)6
Homogenizer speed (rpm)0-35000-3500
Water potDesign Volume(L)96200
Electrical heating power(kw)9
Oil potDesign Volume (L)4896
Capacity (L)4080
power (kw)0.751.1
speed (rpm)14001400
Electrical heating power (kw)6
powder potdifferent main pot volume different powder pot volume

Performance and features

1. The vacuum homogenizing mixer for toothpaste with CE certification,GMP standards.

2. The bubbles (generated during stirring and mixing process), sucked out from material,because of Vacuum Effect.

3. The vacuum homogenizing mixer for toothpaste whole set machines with three layers stainless steel plate construction.

4. The vacuum homogenizing mixer for toothpaste Materials, SUS304 and SUS316L according to the requirement of Corrosion Resistance.

5. Homogenizer is installed on boiler bottom to increase motor power more thoroughly and strongly. During few production, it can exert homogenizing effect fully.

6. Control system with digital time relay race, which can adjust the speed and working time of homogenizer according to different products and features.

7. Homogenizer is installed at the bottom to increase power which is very effective to high viscosity material. 

mixer and disperser

TOP Mixer & disperser

The mixing and dispersing system with variable speed control, PTFE scraper

water and oil and powder pot


Machine equipped A set of water, oil, powder pot. Water and oil pot with high shear disperserm and the powder pot with mixing paddle.

tooth paste emulsifier main pot

Toothpaste Vacuum emulsifying mixer machine consist of Water pot, Oil pot and Powder pot. Main tank with Vacuum system, Tilting discharge system, Hydraulic lifting system, Mixing system, Homogenizer system and Heating/Cooling system. 


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