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The introduction of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer

The cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer is a non-standard customized equipment, which can be reasonably configured according to the customer's process. It is suitable for products requiring emulsifying and stirring in the vacuum state. This cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer can be used for emulsifying and stirring high viscosity products at low speed. It can be used with high shear emulsifier, suitable for dispersion,emulsification, homogenization, mixing and other processes. It can be equipped with: batching system, discharging system, coolingand heating temperature control system, vacuum system, PH value online measurement control system, CIP cleaning system, etc

Technical parameter of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer

ModelCapacity(L)Mixing power(kw)Mixing speed (r/min)Homogenizing power(kw)Homogenizing speed (r/min)Heating method
JT-E-20200.370-630.750-3000steam heating or electric heating (optional)
Note: In case of inconformity of the data in the table due to technical improvement or customization, the real object shall prevail.

The features of cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer

1.The cosmetic vacuum emulsifier mixer produced by our company include many varieties. Various high quality products can be customized according to customer's requirements. 

2,Provided with single-cylinder and double-cylinder lifting system, which can freely lift or lower the pot lid and easy to clean, the emulsifying pot can adopt tilting discharge.

3,SIEMENS frequency converter for speed adjustment, keeping the machine working stably and durably.

4,Material contact parts all use SUS316L.

5, The machine has easy operation, steady capability, good homogeneity, high efficiency, reasonable structure, small volume and high automation level and easily clean.

6,The machine include three pot: emulsifying mixer pot , water pot, oil pot

7,Applicable scope:

Foodstuff: Reconstituted milk , salad dressing,mayonnaise,ice-cream,cheese, Sour milk drinks, juice

Medicine:cell slurrying, Pharmaceutical Synthesis,bacterin,Fat Emulsion, suspension, ointment, preparation

Cosmetics: shampoo , ointment, tooth paste,mascara, cream bath  ,

Chemical: synthetic rubber  , nano material  , resin , asphalt , Silicone oil , flocculant agent, silica, sensitizer, softener, dyestuff , paste, Bentonite, printing ink, water paint.


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