vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing tank

Product Details

The materials will pre-process in the water and oil phase, after that, the materials are pull into the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing main tank bu vacuum pump. Then start to mix, the stirrer and scrapers can sweep the residues on the wall of the tank. And then the materials are cut off by the high shear homogenizer, the materials are cut off and turned to particles of 200nm-2um evenly and promptly. And the vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing main tank is under the vacuum condition, the bubbles will be taken away in time, and in the vacuum state, the powder of the raw materials is not fly.

Technical parameter







5L0.37kw, 0-3500r/min 0.37kw ,10-85r/min
20L2.2kw, 0-3500r/min 0.37kw ,10-85r/min
50L3kw, 0-3500r/min 0.75kw ,10-85r/min
100L3kw, 0-3500r/min 1.5kw ,10-80r/min
150L4kw, 0-3500r/min 1.5kw ,10-80r/min
200L5.5kw, 0-3500r/min 1.5kw ,10-75r/min
350L7.5kw, 0-3500r/min 2.2kw ,10-70r/min
500L7.5kw, 0-3500r/min 2.2kw ,10-65r/min
750L11kw, 0-3500r/min 4kw ,10-63r/min
1000L11kw, 0-3500r/min 4kw ,10-60r/min
2000L15kw, 0-3500r/min 7.5kw ,10-55r/min

Performance and features

1. Bottom & upper homogenizer of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing tank are optional.

2. The homogenizer adopts the most advanced technology, it can get a ideal emulsifying effect. The speed of high emulsification is 0-3500r/min, and the speed of low mixing is 0-85r/min.

3. The vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing tank is mainly composed of water tank, oil tank, emulsifying tank, vacuum system, lifting system(optional), electronic control system (PLC is optional), operation, etc.

4. Material suction is fed materials from up side of the lid to avoid the products being polluted. 

5.  The homogenizer and the blade stirring can together work or separate work, the material slimming, emulsification, mixing, dispersing, tec, what will finished during short time.

6. Contact position of vacuum homogenizing emulsifier mixing tank adopt high-quality stainless steel 316L.


Mixer scraper

The scraper unit is equipped with a movable PTFE scraper, which is used to scrape the material on the tank wall and the anchor bolt to move the material to the center area to achieve better mixing and mixing. The PTFE scraper can be manually and easily maintained without any tools.


Homogenizer head

The homogeneous head at the bottom cuts the material at a speed of 2900 rpm to emulsify the material.

PLC control

button control

PLC or button control

The electrical control box is made of stainless steel and is controlled by PLC touch screen or buttons. Rotation speed, mixing time, emulsification speed, emulsification time, etc. can be set on the touch screen/button.

whole set machine


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