Ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine

The Ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine using advanced German technology, unique structure, the material in a variety of mixing direction, the formation of a strong hydraulic shear, dispersion of materials, resulting in centrifugal extrusion, Grinding, collision and other comprehensive force,and ultimately make the material fully mixed, stirring, refine to achieve the desired requirements.
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Product Details

The cover of the ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine with a lighting observation hole, keep abreast of the product of the emulsification of the pot. With a small amount of material to facilitate the import of special flavor additives. Easy to operate the bottom of the pot, through the pipeline can be directly into the filling machine for packaging, easy to clean.

The technical parameter of ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine


The ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine produced by our company is specially designed and manufactured for pharmaceutical,   chemical, cosmetics, food, beverage and other industries.


Frame type scrape stirring and fixed propeller.     

Open cover way

Hydraulic lifting

Heating way

Electric/ Steam

The highest shearing fineness

Reach 0.2-5um

Lifting systems

Single-cylinder lifting and double-cylinder lifting

The pot body materials

By imported three-layer stainless steel plate

Discharge material

Tilt to discharge/ Low valve discharge

The maximum emulsifying rotation speed

Reach 3500 rpm

The characteristic of the ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine

  1. The materials are sucked into emulsifying main pot by transportation pipe under the vacuum situation, or the materials also can be put from the feed inlet on the pot lid. 

  2. Because of the vacuum in emulsifying main pot, the bubbles generated during stirring and mixing process are sucked out from material to reach top quality finished products.

  3. The homogenizer stirring time can be set  according to the different materials needs.

  4. The ointment vacuum emulsifier making machine unit is featured by simple operation, stable performance, high production efficiency, easy cleaning, reasonable structure, small land area and high automatic degree etc.