Industrial reverse osmosis water filtration system

Purified water device adopts the current two-stage reverse osmosis craft purification water treatment technology, effectively remove all kinds of salts and impurities in water, the water production process water water quality meet the industry water quality requirements, the system has a high...
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Reverse osmosis water filtration system is a high efficiency and energy saving technology.The process is simple, low energy consumption, easy to operate and control, no phase change process, can separate water molecules and ions in aqueous solution.Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment has advanced technology, reliable quality, strong scalability, reasonable structure, small footprint, high water utilization, low energy consumption, fully automatic operation, simple operation .

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The first stage reverse osmosis water treatment machine is a common physical desalting equipment.

Reverse osmosis is through the capillary reverse osmosis membrane filtration desalination, can remove more than 99% of the dissolved salts, colloid, microorganisms, organic matter, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

The desalination rate is high, and the bacteria and other organic matter can be removed at the same time. The effluent water quality reaches the national standard (GB19298-2014).

High degree of automation, good stability, low operating cost.

water treament work principle

Reverse osmosis systems purify water by forcing pressurized water through a very fine, plastic membrane.

If the raw water being treated comes from a well or another private source, disinfection and pre-filters (to remove

chlorine and/or particulates/sediment) may be needed in advance of the R/O unit to remove contaminants that

can foul or damage the membrane.

Manual valve or automatic valve of water treamment

Manual valve or automatic valve is for choose. And the material is made of sus304 or FRP is for choose.

Two stage High pressure pump

Two stage High pressure pump

High quality EDI

High quality EDI

The water treatment can equip with EDI, to make the water more clean.

Security filter

Security filter

Used to prevent impurities (such as particles) from entering the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane modules.

two stage water treament


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