Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

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Reverse osmosis application field

Reverse osmosis technology has been widely used in power plant boiler supply water, ultra-pure water treatment in electronics and semiconductor industries, pure water treatment in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food, beverage, drinking water treatment, seawater, brine-water desalination, metallurgy, light industry, electroplating and leather industries, and other industries.

Technical Parameters: 

Water production0.25m3-100m3according to customers' requirement 
RO membrane DN0.00001-0.0001um
Ion removal rate≥99%;
Endotoxin, bacterial removal rate≥ 99%;
Effluent conductivity  ≤ 15us / cm (source water quality TDS <200ppm)
Working pressur0.2-0.4 Mpa,
Water temperature5-40 ℃

Note: In case of inconformit of date in the table due to technical improvement or customization ,the real object shall prevail. 

Reverse osmosis water treatment provides the finest level of filtration. The RO membrane acts as a barrier to all salts and inorganic molecules, as well as organic molecules with a molecular weight greater than approximately 100. It is therefore a highly effective process for removing contaminants such as:

  • Endotoxins/pyrogens.

  • Insecticides/pesticides.

  • Herbicides.

  • Antibiotics.

  • Nitrates.

  • Sugars.

  • Soluble salts.

  • Metal ions.

Performance and Advantages

1. Continuous operation, stable product water quality.

2. No acid and base regeneration is required.

3. Saved recoil and cleaning water.

4. Produce ultra-pure water with high yield (yield can be as high as 95%).

5. Safe and reliable operation.

6. Reduce operation and maintenance costs.

7. Simple installation and operation.

Replacement time of consumable parts

There are several kinds of consumables you need to replace regularly.

a. Activated carbon: replaced about every 15-18 months. 25kg/bag

b. Quartz sand: replaced about every 15-18 months. 50kg/bag
c. Resin: replaced about every 15-18 months. 25L/bag

d. Ro membrane: replaced about every 2 year

e. PP Filter cartridge: replaced about every 1 month

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

water treament work principle

Manual valve or automatic valve of water treamment

Manual valve or automatic valve is for choose. And the material is made of sus304 or FRP is for choose.

Two stage High pressure pump

Two stage High pressure pump

High quality EDI

High quality EDI

The water treatment can equip with EDI, to make the water more clean.

Security filter

Security filter

Used to prevent impurities (such as particles) from entering the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane modules.

two stage water treament


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