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What is water treatment?Water treatment methods include physical treatment and chemical treatment.The ways in which human water treatment have been years of history, physical methods including the use of a variety of different aperture size, the filter material using adsorption or blocking way, exclude the impurities in the water, the adsorption mode of less important for adsorption on activated carbon, blocking method is through the water, the filter material for large impurity cannot pass, and get more clean water.In addition, the physical method also includes the precipitation method, which is to let the impurities with a small proportion float on the surface of the water to remove, or the impurities with a large proportion of the precipitation, and then obtain.Chemical method is the use of a variety of chemical drugs will be water impurities into less harmful to human body substances, or impurities will be concentrated, a long history of chemical treatment method should be alum into water, water impurities collection, the volume of the larger, can be used to filter the impurities

 Note: In case of inconformit of date in the table due to technical improvement or customization ,the real object shall prevail. 

ModelCapacity (T/H)Power(KW)Recovery(%)Well water conductivity  (US/CM)Raw water conductivity (US/CM)Remark
RO-5000.50.7550≤10≤400RO-500-A is reverse osmosis +Mixed bed (zwitterions exchange column) outlet electrical conductivity is within 0.1-1.0us/cm reaches to ultra-pure standard.





Note: In case of inconformit of date in the table due to technical improvement or customization ,the real object shall prevail. 


Water treatment equipment for beverage and food industry: drinking purified water, distilled water, mineral water, natural water, mineral water, water for beer production, pure water for liquor blending, water for milk and yogurt industry;

Meet the standards:

1. Comply with QS certification requirements

2: comply with MSDS specification

3: comply with gb12324-2003 standard

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