Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

The reverse osmosis water treatment is our main product. It is suitable for chemical products manufacturing, chemical circulating water, integrated circuit, silicon wafer, purified drinking water, beverage, beer,health products, etc. There are 500L,1000L,2000L,3000L. It is made of stainless steel and it fully conforms to GMP requirements.
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Product Details

The description of reverse osmosis water treatment

Reverse osmosis technology is used to purify water, which is the most advanced and effective membrane separation technology in the world. It is to separate material that can not pass through the semipermeable membrane from water when its pressure is higher than solution’s osmotic pressure. The hole of RO membrane is so small that it canremove dissolved salt, colloid, suspended solid and micro organism etc. The system is of good water quality, low energy consumption, no pollution, simple technology and easy control.

Technical parameter

ModelCapacity(T/H) Power(KW)Recovery(%)One Stage Finished Water Conductivity(μs/cm)Two Stage Finished Water Conductivity(μs/cm)EDI System Finished Water Conductivity(μs/cm) Raw Water Conductivity(μs/cm)
JT-5000.50.7555-75              ≤10             2-3                   ≤0.5            ≤300

Working process of reverse osmosis water treatment

Raw water→ Raw water tank→ Raw water pump→ Sand filter→ Active carbon filter→ Security filter→ high pressure pump→ RO component→ Pure water tank →UV/Ozone→ Pure Water

Features of reverse osmosis water treatment

Sand filter: It is mainly used to remove suspended impurities and organic matter etc. from water.

Carbon filter: Remove the color, smell, free chloride, organic matter, harmful matter, etc.

Softener: Turn hard water into soft water.

Security filter: Prevent large particles, bacteria, viruses into RO membrane, accuracy is 5 um.

Raw  water pump: Provide the pressure to sand filter, carbon filter, softener.

High pressure pump: Provide needed working pressure for RO system, ensure production capacity of pure water.

Video of reverse osmosis water treatment

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