Ro Water Treatment System

The Advantages Of ro water treatment system The Technical Parameter Of ro water treatment system 1. High degree of automation, no need for manual guard; Automatic stop when water is full and start automatically when there is no water. 2, automatic control timing rinse prefilter material; The...

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Ro Water Treatment System is simply the production of Water purification equipment.

And clean water is widely used in our daily drinking, chemical, medical, breeding, cultivation, food, beverage and so on.

The following will give you a brief introduction: the components of water purification equipment and the process of producing water purification.

The Technical Parameter Of Ro Water Treatment System

NameReverse osmosis membrane
MaterialAromatic polyamide composite
Single branch average salt rejection rate99.3%
Single theoretical water production 1.0T/hr
ManufacturerStainless steel 304
First stage reverse osmosis unit frameDow Company
Inlet check valve Stainless steel 304 (DN65)
Inlet ball valveStainless steel 304 (DN65)
Inlet pipe Stainless steel 304 (DN65)
Outlet pipe Stainless steel 304 (DN50)
Water production flowmeter20m3 stainless steel rotor pipe form
Concentrated water flow meter10m3 stainless steel rotor pipe form
Accessories name 5 film shell

The characteristics of Ro Water Treatment System

1. Reverse osmosis is to desalinate and desalinate brine by physical method without phase change at room temperature.

The desalination rate of the ultra-thin composite membrane element can reach more than 99.5%, and the colloid, organic matter, bacteria, virus and so on can be removed from the water at the same time.

2, the use of imported reverse osmosis membrane, high desalination rate, long service life, low operating cost;

3, the use of automatic pretreatment system, unmanned operation;

4. Imported Grundfos booster pump, high efficiency, low noise, stable and reliable;

5, on-line water quality monitoring and control, real-time monitoring of water quality changes, to ensure water quality safety;

6, Automatic electronic control program, can also be equipped with touch screen operation, easy to use;

7. Personalized design in line with local water quality to meet the needs in all directions.

water treament work principle

Manual valve or automatic valve of water treamment

Manual valve or automatic valve is for choose. And the material is made of sus304 or FRP is for choose.

Two stage High pressure pump

Two stage High pressure pump

High quality EDI

High quality EDI

The water treatment can equip with EDI, to make the water more clean.

Security filter

Security filter

Used to prevent impurities (such as particles) from entering the high-pressure pump and reverse osmosis membrane modules.

two stage water treament


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