Ro Water Treatment Machine

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The materials of the ro water treatment machine is FRP materials and stainless steel materials,and the control method you can choose automatic control or manual control. RO system choose the import USA DOW or  Korea CSM membrane.The machine is easily control and Maintained. It is apply in school, hotel, chemical industry, hospital and others.

Technical parameter

TypeProductivityPowerRecycle RateWater-out ConductivityWater-in Conductivity
(T/H)(KW)(%)(US/CM)(US/CM) or equal of 300
0.5A0.52.2503-8less or equal of 300
11.02.5653-8less or equal of 300
22.04.0653-8less or equal of 300
33.04.0753-8less or equal of 300

Performance and features

1. The ozone generator and UV sterilizer is for customer to choose:

Ozone Generator: Four connections installed on the ozone generator: air inlet:/Ozone outlet/chilling water inlet/chilling water outlet.

UV Sterilizer: The products adopt a high-intensity, long-lived UV germicidal lamp, the device is reasonable, compact, and adopts the structure of secondary disinfection, so health indicators completely according to the state standard.

2. ro water treatment machine process: Raw water pump→ quartz sand filter→ activated carbon filter→ sodium-ion exchanger(water softener)→ security filter→ high pressure pump →Reverse osmosis→ Ozone sterilizer (UV sterilizer).

3. ro water treatment machine is a water treatment process that removes contaminants from water by using pressure to force water molecules through a semipermeable membrane. Reverse osmosis is capable of removing up to 99 percent of 65 different contaminants (see partial list below), including lead, fluoride, chlorine, dissolved salts, and more.

4. The ro water treatment machine is equipped with a liquid level control system, that is, when the water level in the water tank is low to a certain position, the equipment can be automatically started. When the water level in the water tank reaches a certain water level, the equipment can automatically stop.

5. The ro water treatment machine is a device that utilizes a semi-permeable membrane to desalinate and purify salt water under the action of pressure difference. It can effectively remove inorganic salts, bacteria, viruses, pigments, heat sources, heavy metal ions, pesticides and fertilizers in water.

6. The Operating Instructions of the Ro Water Treatment Process: Before the ro water treatment machine is turned on, please check whether the power supply voltage, phase number and frequency are consistent with the machine, check whether the connection and opening of the inlet and outlet pipes and valves are correct, and then set the flushing time and flushing cycle of the automatic controller ( Usually set to 1 hour for 10 seconds).

A set water treatment

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