industrial water purification equipment

The raw water is tap water, which must be pretreated first, and then reverse osmosis treatment. Through these treatments, 99% of dissolved salts and harmful substances, such as particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses and heat sources, can be removed.
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Technical parameter




drinking water,bottle water ,industril water,commerial used water


PVC pipeline,SS304 frame

RO membrane

Vontron /CSM/ DOW or other brand membrane


Sand filter+Carbon filter+Water softener +Sediment filter+High pressure pump+RO module


PLC Auto/Manual


CE and ISO9001


Performance and features of industrial water purification equipment

1. The RO membranes the industrial water purification equipment can effectively remove majority of organics, harmful substances, bacteria, particulates etc.

2. The purification equipment with FRP liner offer a solution for the applications require corrosion-resistant and low price.

3. The purification equipment has protected when no power, poor power, larger electrical current, leakage, short circuit.

4. The purification equipment is on the depth of the water treatment, it respectively through filtration, softening, membrane (RO and UF) sterilization procedures, removing useless impurities such as heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria and viruses.

5. The applications of the industrial water purification equipment: Electronic industrial: Cleaning water of electronic components (Integrated circuits, silicon chips, display tube, electrode foil).

pharmaceutical industry: biochemical products, equipment cleaning, etc.

Food industry: beverages, beer, wine, health products

Chemical industry: pefume manufacturer and others

Seawater, brackish water desalination: Island, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water

Others infustry: Grey water reuse, coated glass, fine chemicals, printing and dyeing



RO device

Reverse osmosis device

security filter

Security filter

Prevent the next pump being damaged from the little impurity.

whole set water treatment

water treatment process


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