Wastewater Treatment Plant

This system uses mechanical filters, activated carbon filter as a pre-class treatment, the effective removal of suspended solids in raw water, sediment particles, organic colloids, organic matter, odor, chlorine and other impurities, with pre-programmed as a reverse osmosis desalination plant to remove the raw water Most of the dissolved salts, bacteria, hot stream and so on, to ensure finished water quality standards.
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Product Details

The advantages of the wastewater treatment plant

1. Reverse osmosis desalting rate ≧ 99%, machine desalting rate ≧ 97%, 98% of organic and bacteria can be removed;

2. Quartz sand filter: Remove the solid and big particles in water;

Active carbon filter: Remove the color and foreign smell in water;

Water softener: Reduce the hardness of the water;

RO system: Romove the salt in water; it is the main part in water treatment.

3. DOW or CSM  ro membranes as customer’s request;

4. Which Ro system is best for your choose: It depends on your raw water quality and your requirements for permeate water;

5. There are three parts: pretreatment, RO system, and post treatment. Pretreatment could be ultra filtration system, anti-scale dosing system, flocculant dosing system, disinfectant dosing system, water softener, sand filter, carbon filter, security filter etc. Post treatment could be UV sterilizer, Ozone, EDI system etc.

The Technical parameter of the wastewater treatment plant


The Usage of the wastewater treatment plant