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The traditional preparation process of drinking water treatment machine is usually made by ion exchange resin, but the use of ion exchange resin usually requires frequent resin regeneration, which consumes material resources and wastes manpower. Combined with the latest membrane separation technology, reverse osmosis is often used. The combination of ion exchange system is used to prepare ultrapure water. Compared with the traditional process, this process of drinking water treatment machine has the advantages of low operating cost (the regeneration cycle of the ion exchanger is greatly extended) and reliable operation.

Technical parameter

Capacity500L/H(other capacity is for choose)
Power supplyAC220V / AC380V / 415V±5%  50HZ / 60HZ (customized)
RO stageOne stage or two stage or others
Desalt rate99%
Operation pressure0.7-1.5Mpa
PH of raw water2-11
Conductivity of raw water1000US/CM

Performance and features

1. Reverse osmosis desalting rate ≧ 99%, drinking water treatment machine desalting rate ≧ 97%, 98% of organic and bacteria can be removed;

2. Quartz sand filter of drinking water treatment machine: Remove the solid and big particles in water;

Active carbon filter of drinking water treatment machine: Remove the color and foreign smell in water;

RO system of drinking water treatment machine: Romove the salt in water; it is the main part in water treatment.

3. DOW or CSM  ro membranes as customer’s request;

4. Which drinking water treatment machine is best for your choose: It depends on your raw water quality and your requirements for permeate water;

5. There are three parts: pretreatment, RO system, and post treatment. Pretreatment could be ultra filtration system, anti-scale dosing system, flocculant dosing system, disinfectant dosing system, water softener(it is not use for drinking water), sand filter, carbon filter, security filter etc. Post treatment could be UV sterilizer, Ozone, EDI system etc.

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